Episode 4: David Carradine or Christopher Lambert

This week the Monster Kids step into an area that is thick with danger.
They talk for a long time about politics, social justice, and comedy.

This weeks secret: I AM NOT A NUMBER! I AM A FREE MAN!

Episode 03: Harry Potter and The Secret Baby

The kids are back and this week they talk about wet hot american summer on Netflix, John’s problem with both Futurama AND Doctor who, and sex scenes in the Witcher 3. If you stay till the end you get to hear a full on intense argument about Harry Potter. As he writes this summary John still thinks he is right. #SnapeYES

This week’s secret: I AM the Lindbergh baby.

Episode 2: Keep It Dry

John and Ashley are back for episode 2 and that’s longer than anyone could have predicted. We talk about property brothers, fan fiction, and John’s dinner with a mysterious stranger. Does anyone read podcast previews? Maybe I’ll just start writing secrets in these.