Episode 12: Friends With Friends

John was sick and in the hospital all last week so we are releasing our first pilot episode back when this show was about the show Friends but also about the concept of friendship. Have you ever wanted to know which friend is best? We might have an answer for that.

This weeks secret: We will be back next week not talking about friends.

Episode 11: Yes And, No Stop

The monster kids welcome Jeff Kunkel to talk about gender swapped Twilight, My Immortal, our Sonic the Hedgehog OCs. John talks about what sent him down the path of digital art.

This weeks secret: The song hot blooded greatly over sells the positives of having a temperature of 103.

Episode 10: Entourage but with Muppets

Awkward silences are plenty this time. Its low energy but the monster’s talk about the new fall TV shows they are watching and not watching, The YouTube shows they are watching, The sexism of Kermit the frog. The semantics of back to the future and much much more!

This weeks secret: John was hung over for like the first time in his life during this recording! IM 30, DEATH IS AT MY DOOR!

Episode 9: Definitely Not Pope Sniper

Coming out with some HOT Pope talk. John went to an SNL exhibit and he tells you a bit about that. Esh is deep into New Vegas at this point. They talk about all the terrible ways British people say vagina. Things get a little dark for awhile but then it eventually goes back to media talk and fart jokes.

This weeks secret: ALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD