Episode 16: Our Kind Of Tea Party

I hope you’re ready to hear about Al Roker and cruising culture from the 70s. Esh also talks about her anticipation of Jessica Jones and then we get into super power talk.

This weeks secret: They are for sure going to talk Jessica Jones next week as well.

Episode 15: Married To Hulk Hogan

Ashley is steering this episode and she follows the sirens song straight into the rocky shores. We discuss not playing fallout 4, John being addicted to Destiny, The Rocky movies, old men having sex with robots, If Elmer Fudd was a racist or an open minded man who was comfortable exploring his sexuality.  Also I think they talk about LOST for awhile.

This weeks secret: John’s favorite Springsteen song is the one about working class Americans. Thunder road is pretty great.

Episode 14: Raw Poppin’

Ashley saw Spectre and John is addicted to Destiny.

This weeks secret: The secret garden.

Episode 13: Hairy On The Inside

Apartments shouldn’t exist in star wars.

This weeks secret: Apartments shouldn’t exist in star wars.