Episode 33: Dropping My Seed In Her Basket

This week Esh is still playing fire emblem, John is waiting for Overwatch to drop. And we break down the weirdness that is the movie Pleasantville. We also talk about famous people who have killed someone.

This weeks secret: When i take off my glasses and take my hair out of a ponytail you will that I’m actually beautiful.

Episode 32: Blow Harder Next Time

This week the kids invite you along as they discuss working retail, how to act like a human when talking to people on the phone, NEW POKEMON and we get back into fire emblem.

This weeks secret: Secret Squirrel

Episode 31: Together at Last

John and Ashley are reunited and it feels so good. For the first time they sit together at a single mic to provide you the listener with a more intimate podcast listening experience. They talk about the village people biopic, grey gardens, children’s baking shows and esh’s living conditions.

This weeks secret: I wish to dance in the glitter fight from can’t stop the music.