Episode 28: Dominated by Scott Bakula

This week the kids discuss quantum leap and s&m relationships with celebrities.

This weeks secret: Toy story 2 was ok.

Episode 27: Suck It Listeners

This week the kids discuss the ethics of pewdiepie and the responsibility of critics. Ashley talks about cosplay and defends young justice and I don’t remember what John talked about.

This weeks secret: Only the shadow knows…

Episode 26: Crazy Indiana Jones Adventure For Kids

This week the kids discuss the validity of remakes and reboots and if they hold up.

This weeks secret: I actually know what happened to predictability. The milkman, the paperboy, evening tv.

Episode 25: Weird Japanese Fetish Game

The kids are back and this time one of them is pretty drunk. Enjoy this pickled podcast discussion of pop culture.

This weeks secret: Nothing counts on Leap Day.

Episode 24: Xcom-munication

The kids talk about fighting the alien menace in Xcom, vape life, and the cultural impact of the purge. Reviewed by our editor as “the worst episode yet!”

This weeks secret: This episode has  a 75% chance to hit.

Episode 23: Dumping, Dancing Baby, and Clowns

This week the Monsters discuss Ally Mcbeal, bathroom hook ups, and comfort level with pooping.

This weeks secret: Don’t blink.

Episode 22: That Song is About Martha Wayne

This week the kids talk about mostly Batman and singing sensation Seal.

This weeks secret: My power, my pleasure, my PAIN!

Episode 21: Possibly a Celine Dion Fan

The monster kids are back to basics this week as John and Ashley catch up. This episode suddenly cuts off because of a bad recording so there is a whole second half to the conversation that you will never get to hear. Sorry about that.

Weekly secret: The second half of the episode

Episode 20: A Very Moist and Yeasty Yuletide

WARNING: This episode contains full spoilers for the force awakens. We do a countdown in the middle of the episode but instantly after its done we go in to the spoilers and it lasts pretty much to the end.

The monsters are back in 2016 and John and Rayne welcome Esh as their guest. They talk about their holidays but mostly they talk about STAR WARS.

This weeks secret:
There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’d like to come and meet us
But he thinks he’d blow our minds

Episode 19: Scrabble and Clue

This week the kids talk about their busy lives, mst3k, Star Wars, how to find the wrong kind of nerd and lizard people

This weeks secret: Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.