Episode 38: Limitless Bill Murray

This week John welcomes another guest host and regrets that decision almost instantly. Listen as John grapples with one of his oldest friends and enemy. Also a special guest appearance from Esh Classic.

This weeks secret: I wrote this in invisible ink.

Episode 37: Breaking out in Rhinestones

Esh has been banished to the Dark zone this week. John enlists the help of producers Aislinn and Jeff to search for her. On the way they talk life, Pride, Celtic faires, and comedy.

This weeks secret: I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Episode 35: Make Tila Tequila Great Again

This week the kids have a quick chat about their weekend events. Seeing live podcast tapings, the problems with ordering seamless blindly in the middle of the night, and play testing games.

This weeks secret: Reunited and it feels so good

Episode 34: Oh Hi Noon

The kids are in it to win it this week. The main topics on the table are the Bachelorette and Overwatch. Two tastes that go great together. John teaches Esh about snapchat and they also talk about the uncharted games for a bit.

This weeks secret: At some point john says “gets a lot of slack” but means “gets a lot of flack” he is just an idiot and doesn’t think about what he is saying.

Episode 33: Dropping My Seed In Her Basket

This week Esh is still playing fire emblem, John is waiting for Overwatch to drop. And we break down the weirdness that is the movie Pleasantville. We also talk about famous people who have killed someone.

This weeks secret: When i take off my glasses and take my hair out of a ponytail you will that I’m actually beautiful.

Episode 32: Blow Harder Next Time

This week the kids invite you along as they discuss working retail, how to act like a human when talking to people on the phone, NEW POKEMON and we get back into fire emblem.

This weeks secret: Secret Squirrel

Episode 31: Together at Last

John and Ashley are reunited and it feels so good. For the first time they sit together at a single mic to provide you the listener with a more intimate podcast listening experience. They talk about the village people biopic, grey gardens, children’s baking shows and esh’s living conditions.

This weeks secret: I wish to dance in the glitter fight from can’t stop the music.

Episode 30: With Special Guest Moby But Not Really

This week the kids are back to talk about all the pop culture garbage they have consumed.
This week’s secret: yvan eht nioj

Episode 29: House Flipping, Nerd Fighting, Ren Faire-ing

The kids are back after being overworked and walking convention floors. This episode is just two friends catching up.

This weeks secret: I actually cant remember a single thing that was talked about in this episode. I was laying in bed for most of it.

Episode 28: Dominated by Scott Bakula

This week the kids discuss quantum leap and s&m relationships with celebrities.

This weeks secret: Toy story 2 was ok.