Episode 6: My Waifu

John and Ashley mostly talk about anime. In the return of the fantastic tops and bottoms segment. There is talk about conventions and partying hard for an entire week. Ashley says “my waifu” without irony and it is generates pure hatred towards her from John.

Weekly Secret: The only thing I can currently think of is “Butt Stuff”.

Episode 5: An Open Invitation to Joey Fatone

John and Ashley sit down and talk about Ashley’s death and open up a new section where they talk about the favorite and least favorite things.

This weeks secret: Come to the pajama factory in Williamsport PA on sept. 12th  2015 to see a comedy show and John make a fool of himself on stage. that isn’t a secret. actually spread the word.

Episode 4: David Carradine or Christopher Lambert

This week the Monster Kids step into an area that is thick with danger.
They talk for a long time about politics, social justice, and comedy.

This weeks secret: I AM NOT A NUMBER! I AM A FREE MAN!

Episode 03: Harry Potter and The Secret Baby

The kids are back and this week they talk about wet hot american summer on Netflix, John’s problem with both Futurama AND Doctor who, and sex scenes in the Witcher 3. If you stay till the end you get to hear a full on intense argument about Harry Potter. As he writes this summary John still thinks he is right. #SnapeYES

This week’s secret: I AM the Lindbergh baby.

Episode 1: Day Old Purse Ham

John and Ashley sit down for the third 1st time and catch up with the media they have been consuming and the lives they have been living.